Contents: polystyrene eggs, Silk Clay®, Foam Clay®, tubular beads, pegboard, artificial feathers, EVA foam figures, wiggly eyes, plastic eyes, plastic chicken bones, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, eye pins and string.

Make your own imaginative Easter decorations with this DIY Easter Egg Mix. Contains all the materials and inspiration you need.

If you want to make your own Easter decorations, our DIY Easter Egg Mix is perfect. It’s filled with creative materials that you can combine in many different ways. You can be inspired by the illustrations on the box or make your own creations from your imagination – whatever you choose, you can glue, model and shape your way to the most wonderful Easter figures.

Make your own Easter figures, where the only limit is your imagination:.

  • Make Easter’s cute animals – a bunny, a chick or perhaps a little bird
  • Paint eggs in colourful spring colours and hang them in the window
  • Create imaginative Easter figures and bring a springtime table setting to life